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-Continuous flow of- LifeENERGY & -increased- Vitality for Your -energetical- Protection & -assured- Success!
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Many thanks for the recommended equipment and for the valuable information shared ywith me! I already feel much more energized, I feel the vitality inside my body, especially after I am drinking my daily 2- 2,5 liter of energized- and optimized water. And I also started to use my equipment (RAD 2400 HD) together with the Manifestation Program (I found a lot of useful symbols). I put the transfer disk of PBT 2400 Booster to my keychain.
THNAK YOU for everithing / Vielen Dank für alles!
Joachim (Dresda, Germany)

It's exciting!
My new equipment works like a charm! I can feel the difference of orgone between high- and low frequency. Getting the right radionics rate it's so easy with the super-orgonite stickpad. The first results are already appeared after just couple of days.
Samuel (Auckland, New Zeeland)

Wonderful Support!
Thanks for the highly skilled, quick and experienced & professional customer support. I was new to this technology, but with your help, I am now fully confident in my -personal- power and success!
James (Santa Fe, United States)

Excellent choice, excellent equipment!
I am glad that I find your website and I ordered my new equipment. You were right: "investing in me, in my person and in my future, is the best investment ever!" I already feel much better, much energized using my new LPOG 2400, and I feel the vitality after drinking my energized living water. 6.3 Hz is my favorite frequency. Thanks for all.
Nicky (Birmingham, UK)

Awesome Service!
That one and a half hour spend online listen and learn about this new life force technology and about my new life energy equipment (PFC 2400) was the most beneficial and best spent in this year. Opened a totally new way to see and feel the word. The transfer couple of my energy booster is always with me. :-)
Jaques (Lyon, France)

I am absolutely amazed!
So, I just want to say very shortly, but from the bottom of my heart: THANKS!
Wanda (Brisbane, Australia)

The sky is the limit!
Thank you for your great advice: beside of a chi mind machine (JU 1000), having also the 'Manifestation Program' we can use it also as a virtual power radionics device too.
Beth & Tom (Toronto, Canada)

I see different my life, I use all the time my device!
I buy my device two weeks ago, and I already improved my skills (learning languages -english- too). I can better relax, my meditation is deeper, and I have good / restful sleep. I use also the symbols you sent for stress relief and vitality. Improved also my running time. I am glad that I found your website. and I am happy. Take care.
Thanks / Grazie,
Giovanni (Torino, Italy)

There is no such thing like "accident"!
I was surfing on net, searching for total other stuff, when, by "accident" I step into yours! Start reading and find -very- interesting information. After a couple of days, when I talk with somebody abroad, and also by "accident" she mentioned about the chi energy, I decided to come back and buy an equipment from you. Since that I am more energized in my work, I can handle much better my team, and I can focus much better to my goals.
Thank you for helping choosing the righ one for me.
Achim (Rotterdam, Holland)

Changed the frequency!
What I tried to achieve for more than a week -and not succeed it- now became reality: I just changed the frequency from 432Hz to 7.83 Hz (Schumann resonance). And, just little bit I changed also my "statement". I do not know which caused the major impact, but I realized that what I wrote on my "statement" become real. (I feel my self so lucky)!!
Dariusz (Gliwice, Polska)

Move forward?
I am using my equipment for more than couple weeks, but I do not see any results on my project; my ex boyfriend did not called me on phone, and I could not met him too. More of it, just heard that he is started to seeing another girl! Maybe I need to cut all relations with him, and move forward?
Greta (Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland)

The right setup?
Finally I find the right setup with my Manifestation Program! I made some mistakes first time when I set it up, and I was not concrete enough on my "Main Trend". Also, as you explained, now I can take much easier the right radionic rate too. Thanks a lot for your help!
Result are appearing and goals getting achieved!
Grüß, Werner (Leipzig, Germany)

Worth it!
This device (PFC 2400) give me absolutely more self confidence, and -beside of that- I feel energized. In the mornings I needed at least couple of hours to get into rhythm, now I can achieve that peak much earlier. I carry with me the transfer disk and always when I drink something, first I energize it. So far, works for me, worth every penny.
Emil (Turku, Suomi / Finland)

Powerful, but complicated!
I know that my life force equipment is very powerful, but seems -at first using- complicated. What frequency shall I use for the 5 separate chi generators? Shall I set frequency, or shall I set trends? I think I would need again some advice, can I use the 'emergency session'?
José-Carlos (Malaga, Espaňa)

Man, you are amazing! It's the second time when I do the Transfer Test and feel again -very clearly- the life energy and life force (chi and orgone). How did you do it? It's mind boggling that from a piece of paper can radiate this energy. Yes, I am now convinced, I will surely buy my first device (the Rad 2000 I want)!
Earl (Cincinatti, Ohio / USA)

Very pleased!
Sir, I am very pleased with my new device (RAD 1000). I am writing this review with gratitude. I am already planning to buy 3 other device for my whole family! Thanks and wish you all the best!
Joao P. (Belo Horizonte, Brasil)

I feel the energy generated from my new equipment and I am using it always in my daily activities, but I need, I want more! I am sorry now that I did not bought a stonger and powerful one (like the RAD 2400 HD), but will do it soon. Energized water is excellent!
Dr. Helmut W (Genf, Swiss)

I protect my self! Lately I felt some very negative energetic attack against me. After I bought my equipment (LPOG 2400 HD) I made a very powerful protection against any negative energy that tried to reach me. After a couple of hours(!) I already can tell you that it's much better, the energetic shield is working well, and it have continuous supply from the equipment. Thank you for this excellent device, and thank you for the hints and advice!
Louisa, (Madison, Wisconsin / USA)

Do you think that somebody believe this non-sense about orgone and chi-energy?? It's pseudo-science!
Jerome (Lille, France)

I use my new AO 2000 for many purpose: energy for myself, and energize and optimize my food. Together with two pairs of RAOPTC I energize also my daily soup and the fruits and vegetables what I comsune. I put one RAOPTC into the refrigerator and the food stays much more fresher!
Nathalie (Southampton, England / UK)

Thumb up!
When I put the smaller (my older) ju 99 close to the new one (performer 2400) I felt more power, and the main trend I programmed on the new one started to working.
Radim (Brno, Czech Republic)

Thumb up!
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the really kind gesture. I will be looking at one of the more higher tier units in a year or so to cover my whole house, for the time being I hope to notice something from this, what tends to be the best way to use them? Just leaving them on 24/7?
Jamie (Manchester, UK)

It's excellent!
As I told you, the first results with my device where almost there. I feel more energized day by day, and at night I have a deep and very refreshing sleep. I usually did not sleep more than max. 6 hours, now I will try to reduce it at 5, so in this case, I will gain one full hour, what I can use also for my self development.
My girlfriend get only high / maximum notes on the exams at the University.
Ciao, Gianni e Loretta (Bari, Italia)

Thank you!
Thank you for everything, you give me back my self-trust!
Walt (Portland, USA)


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